Thursday, January 7, 2010

I'm in Kenya!

hello :)

Sorry i've taken so long to start a blog, but here it is!

So I am in Kenya. Kenya is in East Africa, for all of those who don't know.  I'm staying in a children's orphanage 15 mins out from Nakuru, which is a town in Kenya. I've been here for two weeks with a group of 13ish people from melbourne..and i haven't blogged yet because Diane has been blogging so far ( but she left yesterday so I am picking up where she left off...and there are no pictures in this blog because i forgot to bring my camera to the i'll bring them for the next installment.

For all who know, my parents are from South being there a few times, i thought i'd know what to slightly expect...but i was wrong! Around 5 minutes out from the airport, there were kenyan's standing everywhere, trying to sell things to me through the window..and lots of animals right next to the highway! So i was very surprised with the level of poverty that i was seeing..i didn't expect as much. So we drove from the airport to the orphanage, which took around 3 hours and we stopped off at a couple of places.

While being at the orphanage, I have been kept very busy by doing different tasks varying from looking after the kids, cooking, painting, visiting local people, installing water tanks and visiting places in and around Nakuru. So obviously it will take a very long time to fill you all i won't. But I will tell you about what I have noticed about the culture, seing as though part of the reason of coming here was to experience a new culture. 

Kenya is VERY different to Australia. When you drive places you notice that there are lots of bikes and motorbikes and also lots of mutatu's (vans with lots of seats) as well as a lot of crazy drivers who don't obey road rules :p. I have been into town three times since being here, and every time i am politely hassled - and then just out right hassled - to buy things ranging from flags to earrings. And when in conversation with someone I am always scared that it is always going to end in them asking me for something! Which for those who know me know that it is very hard for me to say no. Anyway, I guess what I am saying is that it is noticeably poorer over here than in Australia, and my mind is ticking because of this. But i'll write more about this later. Maybe check some of Di's pictures if you want to get an idea of things...

Hope this is a quick and good update for all those who may read this :p. Feel free to comment with any questions? I'll try to blog/reply again when I am on the computer next...who knows when that'll be!

Take care everybody,

Neil -


  1. Ryan. said...
    Sounds pretty full on. =)
    Ame said...
    Hey Neil!

    Your Dad told me about your blog so I checked it out straight away. It's not to great to communicate via the internet, but reading your blog I get a little bit of an idea of what you're experiencing. I hope you're doing ok, keep believing in yourself and remember love always comes first. And we'll be praying for you and the gwuc team, as well as the people in Kenya.

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